Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roses are amazingly beautiful creations!

Queen of Flowers….
               Signifies Beauty……
                             Symbolizes Love!

Roses command irresistible attraction across civilizations and societies.


Recently, I watched a documentary on the topic of Rose in Discovery channel.
The documentary narrates that over 30,000 varieties of roses are created till date having attractive colours, shade, petal arrangements, patterns and designs….

Amazingly, all the diversity came from breeding of a handful of rose species. Those were growing in wild having few petals and less attractive colours and patterns!

All those beautiful roses seen on this planet Earth are passionate creations of certain families involved in breeding of roses, generation after generation...   

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind that here is a classical example of how human race beautified the nature!

Imagine, if there is no human intervention in this area, probably, we would have missed all those beautiful creations which we are all enjoying now!

The art of using science in creation of beauty naturally… is a thought process ….which is worth emulating in every sphere of life… for the generations to enjoy!    

- NagVani