Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are Nature’s beautiful creations.

The existence of Butterflies on the Planet Earth goes back to 40-50 million years.

Butterflies are integral part of art, culture and tradition of human race.

Butterflies symbolize soul, beauty, sensibility, love, luck….

Butterflies are amazing creatures with a shorter life cycle yet, leaving a long message to human beings!      

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sankranti…. the harvest festival

It is a party time for the farmers, as the first season crops have been harvested and second season crops sown. It is the time farmers celebrate this festival with family and friends.

The festival comes every year during winter season when Sun migrates from Tropic of Cancer to Topic of Capricorn … the beginning of warmer and longer days than nights and Virtually this festival is celebrated almost all parts of India and in fact celebrated in whole South Asia. In Andhra Pradesh the southern state of India it is called as Sankranti. Pongal is the name for festival in Tamil Nadu and Lodi in Punjab.

The festival is celebrated for three days in Andhra Pradesh.

Families who are far away usually gather at their elder’s house. Son in laws will receive VIP treatment during this festival time.
Bhogi (the first day) starts with Rangoli designs in front of every house greeting every one. A camp fire is arranged at a corner of every street. All waste wood, farm trash etc., will be burnt. Families gather at the place greet each other and spend some time together in front of the fire during that cold weather.  Later on, have a hot water bath after a complete massage with oil and herbal paste locally prepared. In some places people enjoy flying kites and spend time with family and friends.

Sankranti (the second day) is a thanks giving day for ancestors. Food grains, fruits, vegetables etc., are offered in a prayer and seek their blessings. Every one wear new cloths and greet each other spend time with joy and entertainment.

Kanuma (the third day) is spent with families. Enjoy good food this day and spend time in entertainment.

Sankranti is a festival of tradition, joy and togetherness!