Sunday, August 3, 2008

Value of Friendship

A friend hears the song
in my heart
and sings it to me
when my memory fails
- Athena

True friendship is a valuable relationship that must be regarded forever.

When I think of friendship, my memories go back to those beautiful childhood days I spent with my friends in our native village…. playing in agricultural fields and mango gardens, picking flowers and sweet fruits from wild herbs, flying kites and sharing food items prepared by my grandmother. Those stories we shared, the games we played were all different than present. Momentarily, there were few innocent quarrels too for no sound reasons. Those fights never came in our way of friendship but helped understanding each other in a better way. That was entirely different world. Thanks to all my childhood friends and the friendship I share with them. I still have contacts with them and just we had phone conversations greeting each other and recalling those beautiful memories.

The next phase of friendship was during my college days. I had classmates who are great friends of mine… I like them so much for their intrinsic values. They have supported me in many ways. Some of them have strong influence in shaping up my life too. Some of them emotionally supported me. Some of them have inspired me in studies. Few friends have even financially helped me when I was facing financial crunch for a while during study period. They might have forgotten the help they have extended but I never forget those precious moments. Few weeks ago we had get together of all classmates in Hyderabad after 25 years. It was truly amazing meet after a long gap. A photo album was released on that day filled with college day memories to present family life. It was great piece of work!

The third phase… friends of my family life and career. Some of them are very helpful to my family members as well. This was mutually beneficial. My in-country and international friends are very supportive in my career. Those friendships are at high level of maturity with professional and intellectual caliber.

All my friends are truly remarkable and I owe them for their great support in all walks of my life. Hearty Greetings to all of them on the occasion of Friendship Day!

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