Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flowering Philately

Philately is one of the most delightful hobbies giving immense value and pleasure to admirers of postage stamps. Theme based collection of stamps narrate interesting stories of the subject chosen for study. The collection also improves understanding and in-depth knowledge on the subject of study. Good research being done around the World on various stamp collections and meaningful conclusions drawn based on subject, history and antique value.

The first theme I have chosen in my collection is ‘flowers’, as a mark of aesthetic sense in our lives. Presenting flowers is one of the universal forms of expressing greetings and show our affection. Flowers in philately might draw ones attention and show how various nations acknowledge their love for flowers and spread the message across continents through stamps. Orchids for instance are rare to find and expensive but they are reaching millions through postal stamps. In this e-mail era, use of postal stamps has considerably reduced hence philately gains historical importance over time. Thanks to internet communication that it is allowing to exhibit our collections and improve our understanding on the subject at length.

There are number of philatelic societies operating around the World. Few philatelists have exclusive collections with themes like flowers, animals, events, monuments, persons and so on. Literature is also available on philately. Some enthusiastic collectors organize exhibitions too. Changing perception on philately is a matter of study for academicians.

Those who have not started philately yet, it is not too late to start collection. Postal system is fully operative in many parts of the world. The art of presentation also gains importance besides simple collection. One can create their own personal museum with minimum costs. Few might take up philately as a profession too.

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